Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Subscription Addiction | My Last BB5

Sigh. I'm so glad this is my last experience with BeautyBox5. It was a waste of $12 a month, honestly. I'm beyond frustrated with how hit or miss it was. This is my last month since I canceled in September. They didn't make me regret my decision at all.  I will say I was happy with one product in here. The others were either 'meh' or way off the mark.

Product #1: Lashem Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer 
Let me say that I get why people would like this. I really do. But I don't... need this? They say you can use it as a primer if you're not concerned with wrinkles, but why would I use a wrinkle reducer as a primer when I can... I don't know, use a primer?! Fail.

Product #2: Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool
I will say that I saw this on Shark Tank and was excited about it then. It's definitely cool to have this on hand. I will use it. I think they called it the Spatty Daddy? But yes, I'm cool with this. It's a nifty tool I never would have purchased for myself and it's useful.

Product #3: Chapstick Hydration Lock
Reggie got this in her Birchbox as an extra, and she said she liked it, so I'll keep it and try it out as a lip primer. We'll see. I'm not blown away, but it's all right, I guess.

Product #4: Nanacoco Nail Polish in Mermaid Dreams
The thing that weirds me out is all the sticky polish on the side of this. Look at that! It looks USED. You can see little specks on the top too. The color isn't all that bad, but considering I wasn't a fan of the Nanacoco lipgloss I got from BB5, I'm not about to jump for joy with such a... vibrant color? And it still concerns me that the nail polish was all over the freakin' bottle.

Product #5: Bellapierre Cheek and Lip Stain in Pink
I just don't have a use for this. It may be great for someone out there, since Bellapierre is apparently a nice brand. This sort of thing is weird to me. Kind of like the wrinkle reducer slash primer. Use it for what it was intended to be used for... or make it useful for one thing. I know right off that I wouldn't be cool with the application, and that sort of sticky texture on my cheeks? Not really. This may be a great product for someone other than me, but... nope.

I really feel like I'm hating on BB5 unnecessarily. But with piss-poor response times from customer service, boxes that barely recoup the $12/month price (if they do at all), and products that are underwhelming, I'd rather save that $12.

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  1. BeautyBox5 definitely doesn't seen worth it. I'm glad you finally were able to cancel. Now you can spend that $12 on something you actually like.

    I do like that Chapstick, but as you pointed out, it was an EXTRA in addition to all the other things I got in my Birchbox.