Saturday, October 4, 2014

Subscription Addiction: My First Boxycharm!

I'll be completely honest: this is probably just below Birchbox in terms of my favorite subscriptions at the moment. This was my first Boxycharm, and they killed it! I was so, so impressed with Boxycharm, especially for $21 a month! I'll explain my frustrations with different subscription boxes later, but right now, this is worth the money while others just... aren't.

Another great thing about Boxycharm is their customer service. I signed up in August, and when the end of September rolled around, I still didn't receive a box. I emailed to ask if I would be receiving a September box, and a few days later, they responded telling me they were sending out another box. If I ended up receiving the original box, I was welcome to keep it and pass it along to a friend. It has been promised to Reggie if it ever shows up, which as of today, it has not. However, that responsiveness and attentiveness from Boxycharm customer service is even more reason for me to like them. I've now dealt with customer service from three subscription box services, and it's incredible to see how much that sways my opinion.

I took some pictures as I unboxed, but they turned out crappy. I'll also say that I haven't had the chance to try a ton of products from this box, but I will be sure to update you on my experiences with the products I haven't tried yet. Anyway. ONWARD!

Subscription Box: Boxycharm
Description: BOXYCHARM is a $21 monthly beauty box subscription with the finest high-end, trendy and chic brands, curated by our beauty experts and delivered straight to your door! From the best hair products, to the hottest cosmetic picks and the latest nail trends, your beauty cravings are sure to be satisfied! After you subscribe we will send you a box complete with beauty products from our team's preferred brands... When you receive your BOXYCHARM, you will not only be amazed by our product selection but you will also be pleased to know that the retail value of the box contents is more than double the cost of your subscription!
Pricing: $21/month.
Referral Link: Here

Product #1: Harvey Prince "Hello" 
My obsession with Harvey Prince continues, ladies and gentlemen. This perfume smells mature, but not "old lady" mature. It's not light and fruity, but it smells flowery without being too overpowering. Honestly, half the battle is sticking my arm under my boyfriend's nose and saying "smell", and seeing his honest reaction. Before I could even say anything this time, he walked through the door, kissed me, and told me I smelled good. So, approval from both parties. The amount I got will last me an age. And I ended up getting a second from Yerdle, so that's a double bonus.

Product #2: Coastal Scents "Go" Palette | Beijing
This palette is gorgeous. I've used it a few times, and the pigmentation is great. It's got a mixture of nudes and bold colors, and there aren't any lime greens or baby blues that I won't be touching. Every shade is wearable. My picture came out crappy, but here is a link to the colors in the palette. I'm also impressed with the size of the palette. It's not a teeny tiny one, which is a bonus. The amount of eyeshadow will last me a long time.

Product #3: Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss
Tarte is one of those brands I hear thrown around by YouTube beauty heavyweights all the time, but I know little to nothing about it. I've heard reviews saying this lip gloss is sticky, and I've heard reviews saying it's not sticky at all. I guess it will have to be something I try myself before blabbering on about here. Now that I have a little more time to organize my collection (ha! I say that like I have one) and figure out what I need to use/what I like to use, it will definitely get some wear, I'm sure.

Product #4: NCLA Nail Polish in Model Behavior
I hadn't painted my nails in a lifetime before I tried this last night. I attempted to give myself a trendy makeover with the ring-finger trend... and it was a fail. I don't think it's the polish in particular that made it a fail, but maybe everything put together. The shade is a deep brownish grey color, which is beautiful, but with two coats, it looks black. It also peeled really easily, even with a topcoat. Granted, perhaps two hours wasn't long enough to let it dry, but I was disappointed that it peeled with such little effort. And the two-coat issue was also a bummer. Like I said, the color was pretty, but if I have to get two coats for adequate coverage, and that two coats doesn't do the color justice, it's disappointing.

Product #5: Tarina Tarantino Fleur de Lash Mascara
Again, I haven't had a chance to try this. I'm currently trying to work through a Smashbox lash sample from a Smashbox starter kit I bought using Birchbox points. I also have three other mascaras to try. How does one even attempt to choose which mascara to try? Compared to the days where I had one Covergirl Exact Eyelights mascara, this is becoming complicated. Anyway. This is another name I hear dropped a lot in beauty circles. Tarina Tarantino has this... reputation. I'm not sure if it's a sponsorship thing, or just a quality thing, but we'll find out.

Overall, I'm really really impressed with this month's Boxycharm. According to the calculations, this box is worth about $96! For $21! I'm so pleased. I will most definitely be continuing with Boxycharm.

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  1. I reeeeally want to do Boxycharm, but I don't know how many boxes I want at a time. This one sounds great because it's full size, but it's still $21 so I don't know if I would commit.

    The Tarte lipsurgence I'm sure will be nice!