Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review | NYX Butter Lipsticks

In honor of a presentation I had to do tonight (on high school dropout prevention, in case you're really curious), I decided to go a little bold with my look.

And by "bold" I really just mean a bold lip. CONFESSION: I didn't even put foundation on. I did my eyes (FINALLY), my eyebrows, and my lips. I was only going to class, so I didn't feel the need to do full-on makeup for a 2 hour thing.

I tried one of my new NYX lipsticks for the occasion: Mary Janes. I love it. It went on with more of a red tint in real life than the picture shows, but it's an accurate representation of the coverage. I will also say that it was easy to apply, smooth, etc. It wasn't sticky at all. Compared to my Wet n Wild lipgloss for my Rosie the Riveter costume, this felt much more natural and didn't feel like my lip color would crack if I smiled!

The staying power was pretty impressive, too. After my 25 minute presentation, I stepped out into the hallway to get a drink from the bubbler, and I drank like a camel, because my mouth/throat always get dry during presentations. For reference, the above photo was taken at 3:54 PM. My presentation ended at 5:55 PM. I went to the restroom to check on it and after my water break, it was still holding strong.

I got home and my boyfriend brought some pizza over, so I sat and ate some pizza and drank some water. I didn't really think about it until a few hours after class ended, but I finished my food and went to check on the lipstick.

That picture was taken at 9:28. So, obviously it didn't last through pizza. But a quick re-application would surely last me the rest of the workday. Considering I didn't get home and start eating until around 8:30 or so, it was staying put really well for 4.5 hours. What can I say? I don't expect miracles; it's a $3 (well, usually $5) lipstick. But I will say that I was really pleased and surprised that it lasted as long and as well as it did.

So, basically, I like my NYX Butter Lipsticks. They work well, and they're pretty. I can't wait to try out my other colors!

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  1. That actually doesn't look as glossy as I thought it would. I'm not super against glossy lipstick, but it's just not for me. I think I might actually want one or two of these colors.

    And the color looks good on you! See, I told you it was training wheels for bold colors! Really, nothing last through pizza unless it's a longwear lip color, and even then sometimes it doesn't. Yay for the lip win!