Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sephora Mini Haul + Unboxing!

Boom. Look what I got in the mail! This isn't going to be huge haul. I technically only bought two things, which were holidays sets. 

Here's my unboxed Sephora order! My two holiday sets are underneath all the samples. I also got my birthday gift from Make Up For Ever and a mini Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.

Here's a better view of my two holiday sets. This is actually the only picture of the box my Kat Von D lipsticks came in because I opened them immediately.

Ooooh. That Tarte palette! This was seriously the only thing I was going to buy at Sephora, but it was $42 and I needed $50 for free shipping and then I just happened upon those Kat Von D lipsticks...

There are 3 matte colors and 2 shimmery colors. I'll do a full swatchfest of the colors later. Embraced and Bashful, the second and fourth colors, are the shimmery ones and the others are matte. I don't think there's a standout color as one I wouldn't wear. I'm especially loving the look of Breathless and Bashful, as those are the colors I've been reaching for lately.

All nine of my Kat Von D lipsticks! I was super stoked for this mini set because it was $39 and just one of the studded lipsticks are $21. These lipsticks are itty bitty, but I knew that when I ordered them. Of course they weren't going to value pack and price full size tubes. I was kind of surprised at just how small they turned out being, but I'm sure it will still take a long time to finish them.

You can see that the awesome studded tube is shorter than my finger, and I have pretty small hands.

Next is my birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider. I was really excited that it was from MUFE, because I've never tried the brand. 

The mini set includes a sample mascara and a sample lipstick. I can't comment on the performance of either because this is my unboxing and I haven't tried anything yet.

The lipstick is teeny and has the same amount of product as the small Kat Von D lipsticks. I can already tell the color is more of an every day one, but I'm sure I'll get some use out of it.

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  1. You'll have to update us on the lipsticks, especially! They look small but like you said, I'm sure it will take you awhile to get through them anyway. There's something about Kat Von D's makeup I enjoy. Too rich for my blood right now, but very pretty :)