Sunday, October 5, 2014

Empties! Products I've Used Up + Review

I've been hoarding my trash for the past month or so and today I decided to clean. I really just wanted to ditch this empty containers and packets, so I figured it was time to do this post. All of these products are skin care because those are easier to for me to finish up than makeup items. Also included are some sample packets because I'm finally starting to crack into extras that Ulta and Nordstrom send when you make an order.

Haus of Gloi Lassi Pumpkin Butter: Haus of Gloi is an indie bath and body company from which I own many, many body butters. I've been starting to use up some body butters because it doesn't make sense to have so many. This is one of their spring scents, but I have so many autumn scents that I'm sure I'll have more of these in my next empties. Being a butter, this is on the heavier side so I prefer to use this type of lotion when it starts getting colder. Definitely one of my three favorite brands for lotion. Would I repurchase? Not this scent. I have a 4oz jar waiting for me! But this type of lotion, yes!

Cocoa Pink Voluptuous Body Butter in Pineapple Cilantro: Another of my favorite indie bath and body companies that makes some of my favorite lotions. I have this formula and the Coco Mango formula, which I've found that I prefer. I used this up sometime in the beginning of September when I really wanted a fresh scent. I'm trying to hold out on a sale to stock up on autumn geared scents because shipping is so expensive. I really love these lotions. Would I repurchase? Eh. I like to try different scents, so I probably won't. I'll also probably purchase all my fall scents in the Coco Mango formula.

Paintbox Soapworks Clean Slate Emulsifying Facial Scrub: I included this in my September monthly favorites, which was my new jar. Since a little goes a long way with this scrub and I only use it two to three times a week, I don't exactly plow through this product. I really love that it is the perfect combination of scrubiness and moisture without being overkill. Definitely one of my go to products. Would I repurchase? Yes, and I already have! 

Baviphat Paprika Moisture Hand Cream: This is my cute little bell pepper container up in the picture and it used to be a lotion. Baviphat is one of my favorite Korean brands. This lotion smelled so good, but it wasn't exactly as moisturizing as I hoped it would be. I'll probably depot some scrub or lotion into this cute container for when I travel. Would I repurchase? Nah. I have what I wanted, which is the cute packaging.

Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream: Tony Moly is also one of my favorite Korean brands. This hand cream definitely not even met, but exceeded my expectations. It was one of my first Tony Moly products and I was so in love. This little peach container is adorable and I definitely will reuse it and put like shampoo in it for travel since it's big enough for that. It actually smells like a real peach and it really moisturising. Would I repurchase? I already had a backup waiting for me!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: I was getting my trash together when I realized I couldn't remember the last time I changed out my sponge. I do try to toss this every month or so because I don't want bacteria to collect. I also wash this every other time I use it, but the sponge just isn't as good after a certain period of time. I really love this for my foundation and I don't even use a brush anymore for foundation. Would I repurchase? I already have two backups and I try to buy them two at a time just in case they're out of stock.

Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream: I use retinol every night just because. It's easier to prevent than cure, I guess. I've just been using retinol for years. This just happened to be the one I was using and then forgot about and I figured I should use it up because I didn't want to waste it. It's comparable to everything else I've used, but nothing I would do cartwheels over. Would I repurchase? Maybe. It depends. I try to switch around retinols because I don't want my skin to get too accustomed to one concentration.

Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycholic Acid: I use this every morning and night after toner, so it's no surprise that this is here. AHA supports cell turnover and works hand and hand with retinol. It's a chemical exfoliant. This is the only brand I've ever used and I think I'll stick with it. Would I repurchase? I'm already using another tube and I'd probably get even another one at some point.

Clinque All About Eyes Rich: This was my first high end eye cream and it was sort of on the pricey side. I did like it and I was sad to see it go. I love Clinique as a brand, so it's no wonder that I liked this eye cream. It was very moisturizing, but I don't know if I'd go back to it. Would I repurchase? I have so many eye creams I need to use that I can't even think about buying this again. I do already have another Clinique eye cream and a smaller jar of this one if that's any indication.

Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner: This is a toner. I liked it. Like every other Korean toner, it's more moisturizing than American ones that strip your skin. I have so many other toners that are comparable, though. This was a sample size one that I got in a set with the cleanser. Would I repurchase? Maybe. I really like the cleanser, so if I can get them together I will.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar: I got this from Nordstom in a sample beauty bag for spending a certain amount of money when there was a more recent MAC collection that I purchased along with some skincare. This was just okay. I liked it more in the beginning. By the last use, I squeezed the tube and some milky liquid shot out, so I'm just calling it empty. It also had one of those strange smells skincare can have sometimes. Would I repurchase? Heck no. For something I wasn't super impressed with, this is wicked expensive. No thanks.

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream: I absolutely love Sulwhasoo products, but they're so expensive. My favorite cream from them is the Ginseng Renewing one that costs a whopping $220 for a 2oz jar! Thankfully, whenever I make any Korean beauty order, sellers throw in a bunch of samples. This is another cream that I like now, which is a double edged sword because I like this one too. This one is only $90 for 2.5oz, but that's still a lot of money! I do have a few more samples of this and it's cheaper to buy the one or two use sample packets on eBay. Would I repurchase? Never the full size unless I hit the lottery, but I'd probably buy one of the sample sets on eBay because you can get 20 packets for cheaper.

Juara Candlenut Body Creme: I got this in my first Birchbox late last month. I'm still not sure what to think about this, especially because it's supposed to be soap and not lotion. I don't feel clean after using it though, so I ended up washing with soap after this. I guess it's moisturizing? I also don't really like the packaging, although I'm sure the full size is packed better. This was in a weird cardboard sample sachet that basically melted in my shower caddy. Would I repurchase? No. And I'm not sure I'd even use my second sample either.

NARS Total Replenishing Eye Cream: This is yet again another sample courtesy of Nordstrom. I really like this eye cream, which I hate to admit. It's $55 for a tube, which I think is ridiculously expensive. I think I'll stick to my combination of Clinique and Korean brands for eye creams. This was my first experience with Nars in general, not just their skincare, so I guess I'm pretty impressed. Would I repurchase? Probably not, unless the price goes down or the packaging changes.

Sephora Instant Moisturizer: I think it's funny that I have this sample from buying a lipstick from someone on Facebook and not directly from Sephora. That said, holy jesus I love this stuff. I even cut the sample packet up to scrape the rest of it out of the foil. It's super moisturizing and it worked so well in conjunction with my Clinique night cream. I actually don't know what I'm going to do without it now that it's gone. This was a huge sample and I got at least a week's worth out of the packet. Would I repurchase? I think I'm going to when I make another Sephora order. When I ordered my Tarte blush palette this past week, I rushed to check out and didn't even think about buying this cream. It's only $22 and I like it, so why not?

My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry Yogurt Sheet Masks: This is a brand from Taiwan that I discovered on Sasa when shopping for Korean brands. I bought the Strawberry Yogurt one after using the cleanser and the Chocolate Truffle one because why not? I love sheet masks, but I seriously can't do them when anyone is home because they look so weird and someone likes to make me laugh when I have one on and then I have to readjust the mask. My skin always feels nice and soft after wearing one because there's a lot of serum in these packets. Would I repurchase? I have a few different varieties of masks, including a box that I didn't buy too long ago. I'll definitely buy more, but I won't need to any time soon.


  1. I've used the Hope in a Jar, but never because I've purchased it for myself. That's why I love stocking stuffers... haha. But the Hope in a Jar is good, don't get me wrong, it's just not as good for the price. It's one of those things that I wouldn't get rid of if someone gave me a gift, and I'd use it, but I would never shell out that kind of money for it.

    Are Korean beauty products more expensive than some of the American ones? I barely have knowledge of most American ones, so it's a little tough to even think about some of the Korean ones. But, your posts are giving me more knowledge, so yay for that.


    1. I'm sure the sample tube of Hope in a Jar is a little different than the actual jar, only because where did that liquid come from? I'm sure it was just separating. I'd totally use it if someone gave it to me, but Philosophy is so pricey. Even the other cleanser I use from them I won't rebuy until I find it on sale again because $21 is too much.

      Just like American beauty, there's high end Korean brands and drugstore brands. I use a variety of them and some are so much cheaper than American brands and some run about the same. I'll probably do a post schooling you in Korean cosmetics and skincare since I have a few things I've collected that warrant a haul post.

      YES IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! And I have this awesome mud mask that smells just like a mocha cappuccino. Korean brands know where its at when it comes to packaging and smells.