Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Empties #5 | Products I've Used Up + Mini Review

I really felt like I used up a bunch of products in a short amount of time, but my last empties post was almost two months ago. I'm actively trying to get rid of a bunch of things because I recently hauled a ton of stuff from Bath & Body Works and Sephora and Nordstrom during sales. When I get around to it, I'm sure I'll post a haul.

Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter in Ghost Puffs: I've had this little jar hanging around for two years and it was time to finish it up and get rid of it. I love the scent, but I'm trying to downsize and I wasn't even using it. I haven't ordered from Haus of Gloi in over a year because of the increasing difficulty of ordering. Would I repurchase? I would possibly consider it, but I have a couple Cocoa Pink scents that rival this one and I prefer the feel of those lotions.

Cocoa Pink Voluptuous Body Butter in Blood Orange Cotton Candy and Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting: I know I've mentioned that Cocoa Pink makes some of my favorite body butters. I've been trying to get through a few scents only because I have so many and I know some of them are starting to get old. These both moved with me and are in the older style packaging. I like both of the scents and I think they're permanent. Would I repurchase? I constantly repurchase Cocoa Pink body butters. I do prefer the Coco Mango formula, so I have more of those. I want to try other scents, so I probably won't get these again.

The Saem Snail Trio #1 Cherry Blossom: This is a hand cream from a Korean brand that I ordered from KoreaDepart with a few things over a year ago. I really liked this hand cream while it was around and the packaging is super cute, of course. Would I repurchase? Probably not, but I would definitely consider using the snail for a different lotion because it is adorable.

Paintbox Soapworks Sorbetto in Little Paper Umbrellas: I feel like it took such a long to work through this scrub. I think I was using something else in the shower until I realized that this scrub has a recommended shelf life of three months once opened and I'd been using it off and on since August. I really love Paintbox Soapworks scrubs, but they're a little on the pricey side to ship. Would I repurchase? Currently, no, but only because I just purchased two pots of scrub from Cocoa Pink and seven scrubs from Bath and Body Works. I think I have enough scrub!

Cocoa Pink Shine Sweetie Conditioner in Black Cherry Upside Down Cake: I needed to use this up because there was only a couple squirts remaining in the bottle. I prefer to use my Junkett Creme Conditioner, also from Cocoa Pink, but I didn't want to waste this conditioner. Would I repurchase? No. I like Junkett better and I'm really sick of this scent.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner: This is by far my favorite toner that I've found. I think this is my third or fourth bottle of this stuff. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing this, but I know I need to use up the multiple toners I tried to replace this with. Would I repurchase? 100x yes. I still have another bottle that I'm working through, but I'm currently trying to get through a few others so I'm not moving with several extra bottles of toner that are half empty.

Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Toner: I was really hopeful that I would love this toner, but it was just okay. I was glad that I got it on sale, but I ended up using it to wipe down my skin after using a facial cleansing oil. Would I repurchase? On sale, probably. Otherwise, I have other toners that I like better.

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream: I've had this tub of cream for such a long time. There are quite a few things that I remember buying while I was in my old apartment, and this was one of them. I did really like this cream. I think it is one of my favorite products from Mizon. Would I repurchase? This is definitely something that I would like to buy again. I'm waiting until I move to place an order from Korea because I've missed the cut off date. I don't want to miss a package by chancing an order that may not arrive before we leave.

It's Skin VC Effector: This has appeared in my empties and favorites posts quite a bit. I think this is my third go around with this ampoule and I know I've talked it to death. Would I repurchase? I already have another ready to go, but I also decided to try two different varieties from the same line. I've been using those instead and I like them so far.

Hera Age Away Intensive Eye Cream: This was part of a sample box that I was trying to get through. I think I may have posted a moisturizer from the same set a few empties back. I'm trying to downsize some things before we move and I have far too many eye creams, so I started with the smallest ones. Would I repurchase? It took too long to use this up, so probably not. I have enough skincare now and I know what works for me. Hera is also a bit out of my price range.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream: I think this was a sample or a gift with purchase from Nordstrom. This is just another eye cream that I was trying to get through because it's been sitting in my cabinet for a few months. I didn't really care for this one as it tends to get this weird clumpy texture under my eyes. Would I repurchase? Nope. Not my favorite eye cream and definitely not something I love from Clinique.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara: This was a sample that I received from Sephora when I made an order around my birthday in September. I finally got around to using it a couple months ago and I hated it, so I tossed it in an old makeup bag and it dried out. I think I hated it less the more it dried up, but it still isn't a mascara I would ever buy. I have another sample from Ipsy and I'm considering just tossing it or giving away because I'm sure that one sucks too. Would I repurchase? Hell no. This is an expensive mascara and probably the worst I've ever used.

MAC Sheer Select Pressed Powder in NC5: I feel like I hit pan on this ages ago. I moved with this powder last year and we've been through a lot. After I had a bit of pan showing, I dropped it outside and the whole powder loosened around the edges. It took a couple more months of use for the entire powder to break apart. After that, I just tossed the crumbly mess and saved the compact so I can Back To MAC for a lipstick. Would I repurchase? I probably will. I had purchased a different MAC powder to replace this one back in September, but it isn't the same type of powder.

My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Sheet Mask: This is one of those weird looking sheet masks that I use when my face needs a little extra moisture. I feel like I always forget to save the packaging for these, but I use them often enough. Would I repurchase? I went nuts and bought a ton of boxes of ten with SaSa had a huge sale last year. I don't actually need to buy any more of these.

Korres Quercetin & Oak Anti-ageing Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream: I bought this as a small add on when I made an order through All Cosmetics Wholesale at the end of the summer. It was okay. Just another eye cream that I needed to use up. I do like the tube packaging that it comes in. Would I repurchase? This was a cheap eye cream, but I feel like there are others that I like better that I would rather spend a few more dollars on instead.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme in Pomegranate and Hot Tamale: This is another thing that I always throw away. I usually use Garnier when I dye my hair and these are from the last two times that I dyed my hair. I was cleaning my bathroom and these two boxes were kicking around. Would I repurchase? I used to use Hot Tamale a long time ago and Pomegranate is a color that I usually use. This time around, I'm planning on using something different. I will eventually go back to my Garnier colors though.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Show and Tell | Makeup Brushes

This is not my entire collection of makeup brushes, but these are the brushes I keep where I do my makeup and I rotate between most of them. Some of these brushes I use every day and others I use only when I need them.

My beautyblender is what I use to apply my foundation and setting powder, so I'm going to consider these like a brush. I haven't used a brush to apply foundation in about a year and I don't think I'm going back.

My NARS Ita brush is one of those brushes that doesn't get used often. Sometimes I wonder if it was a mistake to purchase this brush, but I do use it when I feel like contouring. The only problem is that I don't have a specific contour powder that I like on myself, so I end up just bronzing instead.

The MAC 109 was a brush that I never used after buying it because I didn't like it. I bought it in conjunction with something else, so I was mad that I didn't care for it. Then, I decided I was going to use it for highlighter since it was a good size. After a bit, I found a better brush to highlight with and it fell to the wayside again. Something made me pick it up to use with bronzer instead of contour and I've been using it every day since.

This angled brush is what I use for a more contoured look with bronzer. Lately I've been favoring my 109 for any type of bronzing, so I haven't been using this as much. I think I may try applying blush with it because I see that on youtube.

I used to just apply powder with my Real Techniques Large Powder brush, but lately I've been using it to blend out my blush and bronzer. The shape really allows everything to be blended out nicely.

The Sigma f30 Large Powder used to be when I used for blended out, so I decided it deserved to be mentioned. I haven't reached for this lately, mainly because sometimes it sheds little black hairs on my face that I are difficult to get off. 

I only use the Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush when I my blush or bronzer is way too heavy handed or dark and I need to blend it out without my entire face looking streaky. This is a denser brush than The Sigma or Real Techniques, which is better for blending away than diffusing the color. 

I have two Sigma f50 stippling brushes, which are both used for blush. There's really no rhyme or reason as to which one is used, although I tend to use the black handled one in my NARS palette because the brush is a little smaller and works better in those pans. 

I use my Real Techniques setting brush to highlight and I prefer to use it that way than setting my undereye concealer. I find that the brush even diffuses Mary Lou-Manizer, which is my heaviest highlighter. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March Monthly Favorites

I know. I know. I haven't posted in forever. But that's okay. This is the monthly favorites post and one of the only posts a month to even matter. I think I may need to post some recent buys and I will have an empties post coming up soon.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner: Oldie but a goodie. This is my favorite toner and I'm already halfway through this bottle. I think because I've been using only this toner that I might start using some others that are almost gone so that I can get rid of some things before we move.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater: I've had this kicking around for a few months and I've used it off and on. I had been using Fix+, but I like this to take away the powdery look on my face and it's much less expensive than the MAC one. The only thing I don't care for is the strong smell, but it does go away.

Clinique Acne Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment: I've been mixing this with my Benton Snail Bee Steam Cream that should have probably been in this post, but was forgotten. I think the benzoyl peroxide in this helps keep my skin clearer than salicylic acid.

Skinfood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover: This is a dual phase makeup remover that I end up using daily. When I ran out of my Missha cleansing oil, I opened a new one that doesn't take off my mascara and also burns my eyes. What I've ended up doing is not even using the cleansing oil and I've just been using one cotton pad of this to take off all my makeup. I'm sadly almost out of this and may have to just try another different cleansing oil. 

Missha Super Aqua Fresh Cleansing Milk: This is not the cleansing oil I was just talking about, but it's the same thing. It doesn't take off my eye makeup at night, but it's a great waterless cleanser for the morning. I used this when my skin was really dry and I didn't want to strip it with soap. I also use this as a hand cleanser when my hands are dry since it is like a lotion.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser: I've been using this cleanser off and on since I bought it in the summer, but I really liked it this month. I felt like I had been wearing more makeup and this cleanser really deep cleans and chemically exfoliates. I try not to use it more than 2 or 3 times a week because I don't want my skin to get irritated.

Skin79 Super Plus BB Creams in Green and VIP Gold: I should have included my beautyblender again this month, but I took pictures quickly and forgot. I just want to reiterate that I'm super surprised that these are still around. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when these both run out, so I'm not complaining. I feel like nothing else blends like these BB Creams, but I know I'm going to fall back on my Face & Body foundation in a month or so. I've also been loving the green one under my eyes because it's a lot lighter and blends really nicely under my eyes.

MAC Skin Base Visage: I keep thinking this is also going to run out. I'm waiting for my skin to be ready for a silicon based primer and have been using this for a couple months now. I really like it, so I'm not complaining. I've been putting this on immediately after my moisturizer and then waiting for everything to dry down a bit and I've been pleased with those results. 

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara: This mascara has been so good to me that I haven't even touched the YSL mascara I received from Influenster. I love the brush and the mascara keeps a curl without being crunchy and isn't too difficult to remove at the end of the night. I know I need to move on once I run out, but I'll definitely repurchase this at some point and see if it contends with the MUFE mascara I also loved.

theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer: I wanted to branch out on highlighters this month because I had only been using this one and the Bobbi Brown for as long as I can remember, but this sits in the front of my organizer. I really like this highlighter for when I'm feeling a strong golden look. I even wish it was a little less pigmented sometimes.

MAC Lightscapade: This is an all time favorite highlighter of mine. I had been using a lot of pink blushes, as you'll see in the next images, and this gives a beautiful pink iridescent glow. I have talked about this before, but I love it. This is the original release of Lightscapade, which gives more of a pink iridescence than the newer releases that come off more beige.

Darac Beauty Sifted Blur Complexion Perfector: I hadn't used this in a couple months and then I used it with my beautyblender to set my under eye concealer. In just a couple weeks, I hit that pan in the middle and now I'm considering purchasing a backup because the brand doesn't exist anymore. I've been setting my entire face with this powder and a damp beauty blender and it is perfection. 

MAC Golden Bronzer: I've been using Golden instead of Aphrodite's Shell because I wanted to branch out a bit and this has more apparent shimmer. You can kind of tell from the pan that the rings are starting to show, so I may end up hitting the pan on this bronzer soon. I've only ever done that with face powder and this is in limited edition packaging, so I don't know how I feel about it.

Vincent Longo La Riviera Sun Face and Body Bronzer in Beauty Sin: I was really enjoying this bronzer this month because I was trying to use other products. I don't know if this is going to be my summer color because of how light it is, but I do like how it blends and I already have a dip in the pan.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Achiote: I really love the color of this blush. It's really effortless and just a dab is all you need. The color blends really nicely into bronzer. I love all of my Tarte blushes, but I actually think this one is my favorite.

Estée Lauder Peach Nuance: I love this blush more and more whenever I use it. I feel like I would use it more if I had just ponied up the extra cash to buy this in a compact and not just a loose pan. I never regret wearing this color and the gradient makes it easier to blend. 

NARS Albatross: I hadn't touched this highlight in so long that I almost forgot what it looked like! I was really digging the yellowish sheen it gave me and it was a nice change from pink or gold.

NARS Hungry Heart: This was another highlight I reached for all month that I didn't use for a bit. I was really into glitter for part of the month and this is a really glittery highlighter. I ended up pairing it with glittery blushes because why not be overkill?

NARS Angelika: This is one of the glittery blushes I wore this month and I've talked about this color before. The color itself is really flattering and the glitter doesn't come off really strong, which is why I like pairing it with a glittery highlighter to amp it up.

NARS Super Orgasm: I haven't talked about this blush before because I've barely touched it. For some reason, I didn't think I would like it because of the chunky glitter. The glitter doesn't translate on the skin as much as it looks like it would and the color is a nice peachy pink. I really loved this blush this month, but I think I'm taking a break from the glitter bomb cheeks.

Prada Candy L'eau: I was skeptical about getting Prada Candy, but I really love the L'eau version, which is the EDT. I wore this scent a ton this month and I only ordered it in the beginning of the month. I'm surprised by how much is gone and this is only a 2.7oz bottle. I may need to cool it on this scent and use others. I've been trying to wear them all evenly, but who am I kidding?

Burberry Brit Sheer: Burberry Brit was another scent I saw everyone raving about, but I didn't care for the notes. The Sheer version, however, was another thing. I really love this scent. It's crisp, clean, and fruity without being overkill on the sweet or smelling like laundry. This was another scent I wore a ton this month.

Marc Jacobs Lola: I'm still on the fence, but I might like Lola more than Oh, Lola! and that's saying something. I originally bought Oh, Lola! in the 3.2oz because I thought I would love it. I do like the scent, but I bought Lola in the smaller 1.7oz bottle because I didn't think I would like her as much if at all. I read reviews saying that if you liked Lola, you wouldn't like Oh, Lola!, so that worried me. I ended up buying this smaller bottle used on eBay, like with Oh, Lola! However, I ended up loving Lola and wore it a ton this month.

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom: I think I may have mentioned it somewhere, but I actually prefer Fresh Blossom to the Red Delicious that I bought a couple months back. I wore this at the end of February and through March. I really like that it has the perfect balance between being sweet and floral and this actually happens to be one of the scents I get complimented on the most at work.