Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Empties #5 | Products I've Used Up + Mini Review

I really felt like I used up a bunch of products in a short amount of time, but my last empties post was almost two months ago. I'm actively trying to get rid of a bunch of things because I recently hauled a ton of stuff from Bath & Body Works and Sephora and Nordstrom during sales. When I get around to it, I'm sure I'll post a haul.

Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter in Ghost Puffs: I've had this little jar hanging around for two years and it was time to finish it up and get rid of it. I love the scent, but I'm trying to downsize and I wasn't even using it. I haven't ordered from Haus of Gloi in over a year because of the increasing difficulty of ordering. Would I repurchase? I would possibly consider it, but I have a couple Cocoa Pink scents that rival this one and I prefer the feel of those lotions.

Cocoa Pink Voluptuous Body Butter in Blood Orange Cotton Candy and Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting: I know I've mentioned that Cocoa Pink makes some of my favorite body butters. I've been trying to get through a few scents only because I have so many and I know some of them are starting to get old. These both moved with me and are in the older style packaging. I like both of the scents and I think they're permanent. Would I repurchase? I constantly repurchase Cocoa Pink body butters. I do prefer the Coco Mango formula, so I have more of those. I want to try other scents, so I probably won't get these again.

The Saem Snail Trio #1 Cherry Blossom: This is a hand cream from a Korean brand that I ordered from KoreaDepart with a few things over a year ago. I really liked this hand cream while it was around and the packaging is super cute, of course. Would I repurchase? Probably not, but I would definitely consider using the snail for a different lotion because it is adorable.

Paintbox Soapworks Sorbetto in Little Paper Umbrellas: I feel like it took such a long to work through this scrub. I think I was using something else in the shower until I realized that this scrub has a recommended shelf life of three months once opened and I'd been using it off and on since August. I really love Paintbox Soapworks scrubs, but they're a little on the pricey side to ship. Would I repurchase? Currently, no, but only because I just purchased two pots of scrub from Cocoa Pink and seven scrubs from Bath and Body Works. I think I have enough scrub!

Cocoa Pink Shine Sweetie Conditioner in Black Cherry Upside Down Cake: I needed to use this up because there was only a couple squirts remaining in the bottle. I prefer to use my Junkett Creme Conditioner, also from Cocoa Pink, but I didn't want to waste this conditioner. Would I repurchase? No. I like Junkett better and I'm really sick of this scent.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner: This is by far my favorite toner that I've found. I think this is my third or fourth bottle of this stuff. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing this, but I know I need to use up the multiple toners I tried to replace this with. Would I repurchase? 100x yes. I still have another bottle that I'm working through, but I'm currently trying to get through a few others so I'm not moving with several extra bottles of toner that are half empty.

Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Toner: I was really hopeful that I would love this toner, but it was just okay. I was glad that I got it on sale, but I ended up using it to wipe down my skin after using a facial cleansing oil. Would I repurchase? On sale, probably. Otherwise, I have other toners that I like better.

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream: I've had this tub of cream for such a long time. There are quite a few things that I remember buying while I was in my old apartment, and this was one of them. I did really like this cream. I think it is one of my favorite products from Mizon. Would I repurchase? This is definitely something that I would like to buy again. I'm waiting until I move to place an order from Korea because I've missed the cut off date. I don't want to miss a package by chancing an order that may not arrive before we leave.

It's Skin VC Effector: This has appeared in my empties and favorites posts quite a bit. I think this is my third go around with this ampoule and I know I've talked it to death. Would I repurchase? I already have another ready to go, but I also decided to try two different varieties from the same line. I've been using those instead and I like them so far.

Hera Age Away Intensive Eye Cream: This was part of a sample box that I was trying to get through. I think I may have posted a moisturizer from the same set a few empties back. I'm trying to downsize some things before we move and I have far too many eye creams, so I started with the smallest ones. Would I repurchase? It took too long to use this up, so probably not. I have enough skincare now and I know what works for me. Hera is also a bit out of my price range.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream: I think this was a sample or a gift with purchase from Nordstrom. This is just another eye cream that I was trying to get through because it's been sitting in my cabinet for a few months. I didn't really care for this one as it tends to get this weird clumpy texture under my eyes. Would I repurchase? Nope. Not my favorite eye cream and definitely not something I love from Clinique.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara: This was a sample that I received from Sephora when I made an order around my birthday in September. I finally got around to using it a couple months ago and I hated it, so I tossed it in an old makeup bag and it dried out. I think I hated it less the more it dried up, but it still isn't a mascara I would ever buy. I have another sample from Ipsy and I'm considering just tossing it or giving away because I'm sure that one sucks too. Would I repurchase? Hell no. This is an expensive mascara and probably the worst I've ever used.

MAC Sheer Select Pressed Powder in NC5: I feel like I hit pan on this ages ago. I moved with this powder last year and we've been through a lot. After I had a bit of pan showing, I dropped it outside and the whole powder loosened around the edges. It took a couple more months of use for the entire powder to break apart. After that, I just tossed the crumbly mess and saved the compact so I can Back To MAC for a lipstick. Would I repurchase? I probably will. I had purchased a different MAC powder to replace this one back in September, but it isn't the same type of powder.

My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Sheet Mask: This is one of those weird looking sheet masks that I use when my face needs a little extra moisture. I feel like I always forget to save the packaging for these, but I use them often enough. Would I repurchase? I went nuts and bought a ton of boxes of ten with SaSa had a huge sale last year. I don't actually need to buy any more of these.

Korres Quercetin & Oak Anti-ageing Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream: I bought this as a small add on when I made an order through All Cosmetics Wholesale at the end of the summer. It was okay. Just another eye cream that I needed to use up. I do like the tube packaging that it comes in. Would I repurchase? This was a cheap eye cream, but I feel like there are others that I like better that I would rather spend a few more dollars on instead.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme in Pomegranate and Hot Tamale: This is another thing that I always throw away. I usually use Garnier when I dye my hair and these are from the last two times that I dyed my hair. I was cleaning my bathroom and these two boxes were kicking around. Would I repurchase? I used to use Hot Tamale a long time ago and Pomegranate is a color that I usually use. This time around, I'm planning on using something different. I will eventually go back to my Garnier colors though.

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  1. Your lotions and body butters sound like a bakery. LOL. Which is a good thing. But you definitely used up a lot this month! Go you!