Monday, October 6, 2014

Small Haul - Tarte, Tarina Tarantino, and More.

I've had a few of these things for about 2 weeks, but I wanted to do a collective haul because it isn't any fun to post about a single bronzer you just bought second hand from someone on Facebook. Anyway, here it is. Sorry the collective picture is a little dark. I forgot something in the picture and had to retake it and it got really dark out within the 10 minutes of picture taking. You get the jist, and you can still see everything anyway. 

First up are a pair of foundations. These are from Illamasqua and their Skin Base line. I bought these on LiveJournal from a blog sale. Shade 2 was a little light for me, so I went back and bought shade 3.5 from the same sale. I find that I like mixing both of these with my Face and Body Foundation for a little more coverage. Both together make a great shade, but I can wear 3.5 on its own and I'll continue to mix 2 into my other shades of foundation.

I bought a pair of Benefit Fake Up on ebay to try before comitting to the full size, which is like $20 and I don't want to hate something that expensive. I had one in the packaging and opened the other so you can see the little nubbin of a sample. So tiny. I feel like this is going to be used up quickly.

The gold liner in the middle is El Dorado from Urban Decay. I bought this new from another sale and I've been loving this on my lower lashline in conjuction with my Noir liner on my waterline. I already need to sharpen it, which is saying a lot.

The Voluminous Butterfly mascara was a cheap extra that I tossed in with the Illamasqua foundation, eyeliner, and something else that I forgot to photograph. I haven't tried it yet because I don't like to have too many mascaras open at once, but I'm pretty sure this has gotten fairly good reviews.

Starting from the top and going down are my Tarte blushes and bronzer. 

I've been really into more subdued blush colors, so I was excited to get Exposed from Tarte. It's a really nice nude blush and I have loved it everytime I've worn it so far.

Next in the square compact is the Park Avenue Princess bronzer from Tarte. After all the fabulous things I've heard about this bronzer, I knew I needed it in my collection. This is my only non-MAC bronzer and I haven't even touched those more than once since getting this one. I will definitely be putting this in my favorites. Although it does have a bit of sparkle, it isn't overkill and can definitely be sheered out.

I wasn't expecting Wonder from Tarte to be quite as shimmery as it is. That said, I think it resembles Nars Orgasm, which is a blush that I don't own. Wonder is a nice pink with a golden duochrome and shimmer. This is not a blush that I would wear every day, but I still really like it. 

On the other side are my Tarina Tarantino blushes. 

The top color is Neopolitan Lane, which does resemble both Tarte Exposed from above and also Estee Lauder's Nude Nuace. However, this comes off a little more pink on the skin and is an every day blush. This is a color that I would wear all the time, just like Exposed. I prefer a blush color like this when I know I'm going to wear a lipstick that would clash with a coral or bright pink blush.

The second color is called Feather, and it is shimmery pink. Even though this kicks up a bit of powder, it barely looks used in real life. I do feel like this is similar to Tarte Wonder, but I guess that's just the color blush I've been going for outside of the nude cheek color.

Leaving you with a few comparason swatch photos of my new blushes and bronzers paired with ones I already own. I guess I'm just not original and like the same thing over and over. 

From top: MAC Aprhodite's Shell, Tarte Park Ave Princess, MAC Golden.
Can I just point out how much darker Park Ave Princess is compared to both my MAC bronzers? I'll probably be switching back to those once my skin goes back to being winter pale, not that I have a tan or anything. Bronzer is my tan, and there's no need to be that tan in December.

From top: Estee Lauder Nude Nuance, Tarte Exposed, Tarina Tarantino Neopolitan Lane.
So maybe I was wrong. Exposed comes off pinker than Neopolitan Lane. They're all great blushes for when I don't want to pile on bronzer. I can't wait to use these even more in the winter for when it's okay to be a little pale.

From top: MAC Mighty Aphrodite, Tarina Tarantino Feather, Tarte Wonder.
Boom. I love this color, obviously. Can we talk about how much sparkle is in Wonder? I wasn't sure I was digging it at first, but now I am. I think it's my favorite of the three for now, but I don't know how much glitter I want to wear when we get into the winter months.

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  1. I really like Tarina Tarantino's blush on the bottom picture! I'm obsessed with corals lately. That's just enough coral but also just enough pink and it's pretty! I also like the Neapolitan Lane and Exposed. You got some pretty colors!