Thursday, October 9, 2014

My First Haul: NYX Butter Lipsticks (First Impression/Swatches/Etc)

From Left to Right: Taffy, Sweet Tart, Fizzies, Little Susie, Fireball, Mary Janes, and Pops.
After reading Reggie's favorite lipsticks post, she convinced me to get some NYX butter lipsticks on sale at Ulta. I got 7 of them, and let me tell you, swatching them was like a rite of passage. I got NERVOUS over it. There's something about a brand new lipstick that looks pretty and like, "oh, so this is what my money was spent on" rather than, "oh, here's a tiny nub of red stuff that I've used." So, I sucked it up and swatched.

L-R: Taffy, Sweet Tart, Fizzies, Little Susie

L-R: Fireball, Mary Janes, and Pops
I can say right off that these aren't drying or icky feeling. Some lip products I use are just gunky and feel weird. But I was impressed with these. I like that they're glossy rather than matte (I'll eventually try some mattes, but for right now, I'm just venturing into colors other than nudes), and I like the color variety I ended up getting.

My favorites so far are Mary Janes, Fireball, and Sweet Tart. Well, I basically LOVE every one except Pops and Taffy. Taffy ended up being too pink for me. It looks almost bubblegum-y, and I'm not a fan of that type of color. Pops is pretty, and I don't hate it. It's not as dark/pigmented as I expected, I think, but it definitely isn't BROWN like the package indicates. I was nervous about that when I saw it, and was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it.

These are bold but safe colors to try out in order to venture into the world of "lipsticks that aren't nude". I'll be excited to try some! I work tomorrow morning, so I'll give either Mary Janes or Sweet Tart a try, and then I'll see if they have staying power. For the price, though, I'm really pleased and pleasantly surprised. No one goes through lipsticks in a crazy-fast timeframe, and this was a great way to "start" my collection and see what I truly will and won't use.

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  1. I figured this way you could try some colors without committing a $15 lipstick. I think if you sheered out Pops or wore a gloss over it that it might be more wearable for you.

    I had one of those IT'S BROWN lipsticks that I just got, but I ended up liking it after I put it on. So you might actually like Pops. It looks a little pink-brown to me, which I think is more wearable than a NUDE lipstick, so you might end up liking that for every day! You never know until you play around with them. :)

    I think you got a nice array of colors to try out! Aaaaand I'm sure eventually you'll try a matte and like that too!