Friday, September 12, 2014

Top Five Favorite Pink Lipsticks

Hi, my name is Reggie and I'm a lipstick hoarder. I guess compared to some makeup collectors, 70 lipsticks isn't that many. I mean, it's under 100. That number includes only actual lipsticks, meaning none of my palettes, and lipsticks that I currently rotate and am not planning on selling.

This was supposed to be my top five favorites, but I had to throw in an honorable mention because I've only worn this lipstick once. I don't think something you wear once can really be considered a "favorite." I just felt that since it's going to be worn quite a bit that I would throw it in for comparison's sake.

As you can see, I'm not really into light pinks. Nope. Just bright pinks. I tend to like a bold lip if I'm going to commit to lipstick. Eventually, I'll do a show and tell of my entire lipstick collection. MAC is releasing more Retro Matte lipsticks soon though, and I'm planning on expanding with a couple of those.

The first three: Impassioned, Pink Pigeon, and Red Balloon. I like to keep the points on my lipsticks because I don't like to use a lip brush and I'm too low maintenance for lip liner. 

Impassioned is an Amplified formula which I really like. Amplified, Matte, Satin, Cremesheen are my favorite formulas so I'm sure you'll see a pattern. This is a newer lipstick to me that I bought not too long ago.

Pink Pigeon is a Matte formula. For a matte lipstick it's pretty creamy and doesn't feel too drying.

Red Balloon might be my favorite out of the entire bunch. It was limited edition with the Playland collection this summer. I kept telling myself I didn't need it until it was out of stock everywhere. I did manage to buy it with my Alluring Aquatic things later in the summer. It's an Amplified formula, so it wears great.

The next ones: Relentlessly Red, (which isn't even red.) Girl About Town, and Kelly Yum Yum. Girl About Town is in limited edition packaging from the Manish Arora collection from way back before I used MAC. I purchased this at retail from a blog sale and the tip was already rounded, but I can't complain because I've seen people buying and selling this lipstick for $50 and up. 

My honorable mention is Kelly Yum Yum, which I just purchased 2 weeks ago. I missed every release everywhere for this lipstick and ended up buying it used on Facebook for about retail, which was the cheapest I had seen anyone resell this limited edition lipstick.

Relentlessly Red is a Retro Matte formula. It's drier than Pink Pigeon and you can see here that it dragged on my skin during the swatch process. I don't feel that it's that dry on my lips, but I also exfoliate my lips and used a lip primer before I apply it. This definitely isn't a red. It's a pinky-red I guess, but it leans more hot pink in my opinion. I'll have to compare all my red-pink mattes eventually, but I'm sure I'm getting another in the Retro Matte collection when it comes out.

Just to reiterate, Girl About Town is in the Manish Arora packaging. I don't have a regular Girl About Town to compare, so I can't say if it's different. This is an Amplified formula, so I definitely love it. The packaging is definitely a winner for me since I missed the collection this came out with.

I guess I can't say a whole lot about Kelly Yum Yum. It's a Satin finish, which I've been loving when I don't really have the patience for a matte lipstick. I really like this so far, but I've only worn it once. I have the inspiration behind this lipstick, which is Candy Yum Yum, a matte, but I haven't actually worn that out in public.

And here's all the lipstick swatches together to compare. I guess they're all pretty similar, but different enough that you can tell they aren't the same.

I want to do more lipstick posts, especially favorites and swatches. Eventually I'm going to do some lip swatches, but my lips aren't up for five or six lipsticks being applied and rubbed off over and over.

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  1. Ooh, these are pretty! I wish I had the guts to wear more daring lipstick colors. I like that these aren't BARBIE DREAM HOUSE VOMITED ALL OVER ME pink, but with a splash of red!