Monday, September 29, 2014

September Monthly Favorites

I have no idea if this is a lot of products for the month because I've never really done a favorites post before, but these are all the things I've loved this month. There are a few more things I wanted to include, but since I just started using them within the last week or so, I didn't think it was fair. If I continue to like those things then they'll definitely be included next month.

First up, I have blushes and bronzers. 

MAC Aphrodite's Shell - I've used this bronzer almost every day this month. This was something I regretted not picking up from the Alluring Aquatic collection...and then I bought it for $10 less on a buy and sell group on facebook. This is by far one of the better bronzers that I've used and I've kind of gotten the hang of bronzing thanks to this.

MAC Sea Me, Hear Me - Once again, something I regretted not buying from Alluring Aquatic and then purchasing elsewhere. I used this the beginning of September and most of August. I love the color and sheen of this blush. It does have to share the spotlight since I have enough blushes to not use the same one every day.

MAC Pink Sprinkles - I bought this Simpsons blush after Sideshow You and ended up using it more than Sideshow You. Even though I did love both the Simpsons blushes, I feel like this one was a better color for the month. I love all my blushes, so it's hard to pick favorites since they can't all be in a post.

Estée Lauder Peach Nuance - Admittedly, I didn't use this too much this month but I love it so much. I loved it the minute I opened the package. Is love at first sight a thing for a blush? I realize I've only owned this for like, 2 weeks, so I'm completely jumping the gun on this one. But it needed to be here. Because it's fabulous.

Sigma F50 Stippling Brush - I'll be frank about this one. I got this brush for free. Sigma sent me it as a free when I ordered three eyeliners that I dislike so much and can only locate the most hated one. I don't own any other Sigma brushes, but I've always wanted to buy some. Anyway, this is the most perfect blush brush in my life. I had been using an angled blush brush, but I decided to go back to this one when using a super pigmented blush. It's great at diffusing out the color so that it's perfect. I want to buy a million or another one, but it's $26 I'll just wash this a bunch. It doesn't hold color since the hairs are so wispy.

MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1 - Let me first say this: I have not used another foundation since buying this. I've tried mixing it with other foundations and BB Creams, but I haven't used anything else. It's not heavy on the skin and it gives a nice, natural finish. Everything else I've use makes my face look like I have makeup on and it breaks up at some point during the day. I've currently been mixing in Illamasqua Skin Base, but I can't consider that I favorite since I've only used it three times. The only downside to this foundation is that I think I'm going to plow through it. It's on the watery side so I have to use a bit more to cover my face. But you get 1.7oz and the standard foundation is usually 1oz, so I think that will balance out.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser - This is the pink brightening shade. Sometimes I'll use this alone and other times I'll dab it over another under eye concealer. I don't think it really covers up, but it does a good job concealing darkness and brightening. It doesn't settle in my eye creases and if I'm feeling brave, I don't have to set it with powder. I also like the foam applicator. It's supposed to be antimicrobial and I prefer this to the brush style clicky pens. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - This is what foundation dreams are made of. I also have a Maybelline version of this primer, but I feel like this is just better. The Maybelline one will pill up on my skin a little bit if I use it too close to when I applied moisturizer, but this one doesn't. I'll probably buy another or a larger size when I run out, but it seems like it's going to last a long time. I just love that it makes my face feel smooth and that smoothness translates into my foundation also feeling smooth.

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Goodbye Dark Eye Corrector - This isn't a concealer, although I thought it was when I purchased it online. It's a white lotion based primer, similar to the feeling of MAC's Prep+Prime. I do like using this under my eyes for a little more slip and moisture during the under eye concealer process. I feel like my concealer holds up better when I use this.

Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer - This is something I rediscovered when I was going through my makeup organizer. I was starting to fall in love with MAC's Studio Finish concealer when I found this and I like it better. It's a perfect match for my skin and it covers dark spots really well. It's also less messy than a liquid concealer or a cream concealer. I also love this to carve out my uneven bottom lip when I wear a dark lipstick. 

It's Skin Babyface Soft Bright Eye Stick - This is another concealer I rediscovered by accident. I was rushing to pull my Innisfree stick from the organizer I have my concealers standing it and this one came out instead. I didn't really have time to look for the other one, so I just used this. It also covers up dark spots well and I think it's neck and neck with my Innisfree one because I can also use this to brighten. It isn't straight pink like the Maybelline, but it's just pink enough to match my skin.

MAC Dirty Blonde Brow Gelcreme - This is basically the only thing that I put on my brows every day. I'll comb my brows into shape with a spoolie, apply this with light strokes with my 208 or 266, and then comb out the extra product. Sometimes I'll top this with a red powder if my hair is really bright or with a tinted brow gel if I just need a little more hold. This is excellent. I'm surprised I hated it at first, but now I'm in love.

Baviphat White Grape Lifting Yogurt Cleansing Foam - I was going through a box of skincare when I rediscovered this cleanser. I really like using this with my Clarisonic because it's nice and creamy. I'll sometimes mix this with a light salicylic cleanser, but I mostly just use it on its own. I'm sad that it's almost gone, but I have so many cleansers I need to use up that I can't repurchase right now.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - This is seriously my knight and shining armor. I just dab this on any breakouts I have at night and they're usually reduced in the morning. The only downside is that this is pink, like calamine lotion, so it's definitely not discrete at all. It also isn't a miracle worker, but it does help. 

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer - I've used this every night since getting it and I love how moisturizing it is. I'm also wondering if this is what cleared my skin up this month since I haven't really been using any acne products, but I don't think that's what the purpose of this moisturizer is.

Paintbox Soapworks Clean Slate Emulsifying Facial Scrub - I only use this in the shower a couple times a week because it's a little rough and I don't like taking it off with a washcloth because of the sugar grains. It's basically a polish for your face and it leaves my skin nice and soft after I use it. It also has really great ingredients like tea tree, and I love tea tree.

Anosa Tea Tree Herbal Toner - Speaking of tea tree, here's another. I use toner twice a day and I prefer and recommend Asian style toners. American toners are drying and strip your skin. These toners just add that little bit of extra moisture and don't dry out my skin.


  1. I got a Smashbox starter kit with some Birchbox points, and I love that primer. I've only been using it for 2, maybe 3 days, and it feels amazing. I thought it was going to be way greasy and feel weird on my skin when I first tried it, but wow. It's great!

    On one of my next pay days I think I'm going to try that Maybelline dark circle eraser. I have a Benefit eye cream that's supposed to decrease the dark circles, but mine doesn't. My eye area feels moisturized, yeah, but it hasn't done squat for the heavy circles. And that's an area of mine where I feel really self-conscious, so I'll definitely try it!

    1. I don't know if the actual concealer colored version would do better for dark circles, but I really like the brightening one to make everything just...brighter. I don't think it would work as well if I wasn't at least putting some foundation under my eyes, but at least its moisturizing.