Sunday, September 21, 2014

#DoMore Degree VoxBox from Influenster, Plus Workout Makeup Woes

So, I found Influenster a few weeks ago, which is kind of awesome. Basically, you review products and stuff, and sometimes they will select you to participate in a VoxBox campaign, where you receive full sized products to try out and share your opinions on. Influenster sent me this complimentary deodorant to review, but I will be 100% honest in sharing my opinions.

For those of you who don't know, I'm sort of new-ish to working out. I frequent my local Pure Barre, which is the hardest and most awesome thing I've ever done, fitness wise. It's kind of like pilates meets yoga meets ballet. And depending on the day, they make you SWEAT. I'm telling you, like, dripping, look like you just came out of the rain, sweat. And it's from what they call "isometric movements"... these tiny, one-inch-or-less movements that are supposed to tighten and lift and make you have a butt so awesome they named it the "Pure Barre Ledge".

So, what does this have to do with deodorant, or makeup? Lots, actually. For the past few classes, I've kept some of the Degree deodorant in my purse, I can say that it didn't make me sweat in the way I used to. It smells nice, and it lasts a long time. Not quite the 48 hours they claim, but a good portion of the day nonetheless.

I'm not a huge fan of the bar-type deodorants, because I prefer gel lately (I usually use Secret), but I would definitely repurchase this. It doesn't sit under your arm and cake up, and I accidentally brushed it against my shirt, and it didn't leave a mark. So, all in all, I'd recommend it! I plan on doing a deodorant face-off with one under one arm and the other under the other arm. It's going to be the strangest thing.

Anyway, back to working out. As I mentioned, you SWEAT. So, I have to wonder, why do people bother doing their makeup to work out? What products should one use to keep her makeup intact while working out? I mean, I work out sometimes in the middle of the day, between jobs, or between work and class. So I get having makeup on before you go. But me and my face usually regret wearing makeup to work out. I usually grab a makeup remover wipe and get a good chunk of it off, then remove the rest of it before I shower, after my workout. Am I crazy?

Is there like a "workout tutorial" I need to find? Because by the time I'm done, I'm thinking even my waterproof eyeliner will be begging for mercy. And that stuff sticks like glue. I'm going to post a video eventually called Pure Barre Problems, once I get all my thoughts together to film it. And this will surely be included. How does everyone's hair and makeup look perfect when they've just gone through the same workout I did? UNFAIR.

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