Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top Five Favorite Neutral Lipsticks

I think I mentioned in my last lipstick post that I prefer a bolder lip. For the most part, I do, but there's always times where I also like lipstick on the more neutral side. I wouldn't label these as nude for that reason. My lighter pink choices are what I consider neutral and I have a strong dislike for the concealer colored nude lip. If I do wear something "nude" then I prefer it to be on the pinker side than the brown side. 

I don't own that many neutral tones in my lipstick collection, so pulling a top five out of eight or nine lipstick shades was a lot more difficult that figuring out which pinks I wear more often. The fact is, I don't really wear these lipsticks much. I do try to rotate through colors and not wear the same thing over and over, but I know a couple have been sitting in my "wear soon" holder and I've just been adding colors around them.

Viva Glam V, Mystical, Utterly Frivolous, Marquise D', Fanfare

Viva Glam V is probably the lipstick I've worn the most out of the bunch, which is why I listed it first. This is a Lustre finish, which is common in my neutral lipstick collection. It's a pearl-y nude pink and I really only wear this if I have on eyeliner or running errands. This is not a lipstick I wear to work.

I think my favorite part of Mystical is the packaging. It's from the Alluring Aquatic collection from this past spring/summer. I do like the color and I think it's my runner up for the one I wear the most. This is a color that I would wear to work, so there's that, but because I really do prefer bolder lipstick, I don't tend to reach for it over a bright pink or red. This one is a Cremesheen formula, which is one of my favorites.

Most of the reason I don't reach for Utterly Frivolous more often is that it is a limited edition color from the Fafi collection many years ago. I do really like the color and the fact that it has a little glitter in it. This is another Lustre formula, but I noticed that it's more pigmented than some of my other Lustre lipsticks.

Marquise D' is one of those lipsticks that sit in my top drawer waiting to be worn. It isn't that I don't like this lipstick. It wouldn't be in my favorites if I didn't. I just don't tend to reach for neutral lipsticks that don't lean pink. This is a really nice color, but I don't think I would have purchased it if the casing wasn't from the Wonder Woman collection. I've considered selling it before, but I don't think I could part with it. Marquise D' is also a Lustre formula and another I don't wear to work.

Last lipstick is Fanfare, which I have a hard time pegging as a neutral color. It is much pinker than a nude that leans pink, but this is a color I would go for if I don't want a bold lip. Fanfare is a Cremesheen finish, which means it's creamy and more pigmented than the Lustres I own. This is a shade I would wear to work, but don't tend to reach for over a bolder color.

Viva Glam V, Mystical, Utterly Frivolous, Marquise D', Fanfare

You can see in these swatches that Marquise D' is the lightest, which is honestly why it fades into the background of my collection. I do wear all these colors, but I'm noticing how much I like Utterly Frivolous and I don't think it gets enough love. 

For my monthly lipstick posts, I will be doing lip swatches. I haven't worn any of these this month, but I'm sure I will eventually.

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