Sunday, May 17, 2015

Subscription Addiction | Boxycharm Backup - March 2015

Honestly, in opening this one, I didn't even remember what I thought of it. It was that point in the semester where I had 400 things due at once, and I was working 14 hour days, and I was so freaking exhausted that I didn't remember a single thing from March.

March 2015 Boxycharm: Lucky Charm

Product #1: Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray
I want to try this. I really do. Dry shampoo is frustrating for me, because it doesn't usually work on me. But I will give it an honest and fair shot before I write it off as "it sucks" like every other brand I've ever tried. Plus, Oscar Blandi is a pretty awesome name in beauty, so it's not like this isn't quality stuff.

Product #2: OFRA Eyeliner in Navy
Am I boring if I just don't see a use for eyeliners that aren't brown or black? At least not in my life, at this point. I've seen it swatched, and it's less of a navy and more of a royal blue, which is just too intense for me. I'm passing this on to someone else.

Product #3: LVX Nail Lacquer
This nail polish needs 2-3 coats, and it's super streaky. I'm really not a fan. It's possible that someone else may enjoy it, but I'm not usually a huge fan of the Boxycharm nail polishes. It's just the truth. So, I'm 'meh' about this.

Product #4: Tarte Tip Surgence Lip Tint in Charmed
I love Tarte products, and this one's no different. People say it's a little minty, and I can see that, I suppose. I just like how it's really hydrating and it's wearable. It's a wearable shade that I can pull off and I don't have to fight feeling whiny or disappointed over a simply unwearable shade.

Product #5: Previse Nutrify Skin Type 1-6 Universal Tonic
I haven't used this yet. Universal things scare me, because they're usually not good for my skin. I don't say that to be like, 'Oh, my skin is more special than yours', but everyone is different. I have super-duper dry skin. If I have wicked dry skin, obviously it's not going to react the same to this tonic as someone with oily or combination skin. So, I'm hesitant, but I will report back.

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  1. I loooove dry shampoo, but Oscar Blandi is so expensive so I've never tried it. I hate the white residue it sometimes leaves behind, but if I shake it out with my fingers it usually goes away. I usually use Batiste, but that's like spraying baby powder in your hair because it's so white. They make tinted ones and I really want to try the red one, but I've only seen that on Ulta and there isn't one near me and I really don't need more makeup or anything so ordering online is out.