Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Subscription Addiction | Birchbox Backup - March 2015

Product #1: Embryolisse Lait creme concentre
This is a nice face lotion. It's not drying, but I wouldn't call it super moisturizing, either. It says it's for all skin types, which makes it a problem. My skin is way way dry. I need the crazy moisturizing and hydrating products. That's the only way I can really keep up with my skin. But, this does its job and I keep it at boyfriend's place so I can moisturize after the shower. I was just glad to get rid of that Mereadesso cream that I used for forever.

Product #2: Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle
I like this product. It isn't my holy grail status product, but it works and I like it. It smells good and it does its job. It was a decent sample size, as well. I've seen a lot from the Beauty Protector brand, and I've heard only good things. So I will continue to use it and see how it goes.

Product #3: Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Angel Kiss
So this is a deep purple. Not even kidding; it's a deep wine-y purple color. I don't want to swatch it because I know I can't use it, and I want to pass it on to someone who can. Here's the problem. I know that many people can get away with using tons of shades, whether they're everyday wearable or not. The problem is that I'm in education. My principal wouldn't be thrilled with a counselor with purple lips. 

Product #4: Harvey Prince Sincerely
You know how much I love my Harvey Prince! This is an interesting scent - it's a bit spicier, so to speak, than Hello. But I really do like it. I haven't found a Harvey Prince scent I hate yet, so this is a good way to continue on that road.

Product #5: Jelly Pong Pong GLOW GETTER Highlighter
So this is strange. I thought it was a nail polish. It's in a nail polish packaging, like one of those old Bon Bons nail polishes I bought with my allowance in the 90s. I'm not sure how I feel about the product itself though. I just don't know if I would use it.

So this was a 'meh' box for me. I think I'm being picky, but I also think... if something's not wearable or usable, why not be a little bummed?

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