Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Subscription Addiction | Boxycharm Backup - December 2014

It has been an age since I reviewed a Boxycharm. So I will do that now. I have 5-6 months worth of products still sitting in their boxes for the most part because I've been so busy. But that changes now. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

December 2014 Boxycharm: Jingle Belles

So I remember this box being hit and miss. There were a couple of things in it that were 'meh' for me, but there was a clear hit in there as well.

Product #1:  Coastal Scents Revealed Palette
I am now the proud owner of a gazillion palettes, and I love it. For real, though, I do. The Revealed palette is gorgeous. To save on the ridiculous amount of pictures, I won't swatch the colors, but it's got tons of pretty browns, golds, and burnt colors in there. Some are glittery, some are not. There's a pretty good variety on them, and I've loved all the Coastal Scents items I've tried before. Their palettes are usually very good and the pigmentation on their shadows is usually right there. So I'm excited to give it a shot.

Product #2: Lina Lashes Luxury Mink Lashes
This was a nice value for the box, but I don't wear fake lashes. I just don't. I'm sure they're cool for someone who wears false lashes, but not for me. Just... a miss. A $30 value is really nice for someone who's into lashes, though.

Product #3: Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush
Retractable brushes aren't my thing. There's just something about them that I don't dig. I like the stability of my RealTechniques brushes, and even my BareMinerals brushes. But I will say that this one is very soft, and it's again, a great value for the box. Boxycharm doesn't play around for $21/month. This was a $19.99 value in and of itself, So it's something worth trying, for sure.

Product #4: Be a Bombshell Lip Product in Tango
I don't hate it. But I'm not sure about it. The lipstick wasn't damaged when I opened the box, but I opened it today to swatch, and the entire lipstick fell out. I can live with it, but I'm disappointed. It's a little bright for my taste, but I will definitely give it a go. I need to branch out. And I generally like Be a Bombshell products, so I'm sure this one won't be any different.

Product #5: Eva NYC Hairspray
I don't use hairspray. So this one was kind of a bummer for me! Not really into this one. I'm sure I can pass it along to someone who may want it though.

Overall, this was a great box. Not everything was super duper amazing, but I will definitely get some use out of the products and the value is IN.CRED.I.BLE. So, I'm excited.

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  1. I feel like I remember you talking about this box waaay back when because you mentioned the lashes to me. I don't even know where my boxes are from December!