Saturday, February 14, 2015

Perfume Diary #4

DKNY Red Delicious: I'm not knocking this perfume at all. I'm just saying that I'm not sure I should have blindly purchased the largest bottle out there. Red Delicious was discontinued, so I wanted to make sure I could still get it and enjoy it by purchasing the 3.4oz bottle. I really like the scent, and since it is discontinued, I couldn't get a sample from because it wasn't available. That being said, I don't have a little spray bottle sample atomizer like I do with my other perfumes. I did buy a rollerball of this scent on eBay to touch up during the day. I think my biggest gripe with this perfume is that I don't like rollerballs. The ball always seems to get stuck and it takes forever to apply the scent. There is an upside, though. At least everyone else doesn't get assaulted by my perfume when I spray it on because it's only a rollerball. I'm going to continue to wear this one, but I am disappointed that it doesn't last very long, especially the perfume coming from the rollerball.

Vera Wang Princess: I'm not sure why I felt the need to include this scent, but I did pull it out of a drawer the other day to try it on. I only own a very small bottle of this perfume, and it happens to be one that doesn't even spray. The bottle is so small that it's just a dab and go perfume. I think I would have worn this more often if it did spray, because the dabber is just so aggravating. There isn't a way to get this on your skin without it getting everywhere. I've considered purchsing a full bottle of this beause I remember how much I used to like this fragnrace a few years back. I've wondered if it is possible to outgrow a perfume because everywhere I read reviews about how this is a teenage girl's perfume. I don't think this pulls too sweet on my skin, but the notes do include water lily, golden apricot, pink frosting, precious amber, lady apples, pink guava, mandarin meringue, dark chocolate, wild tuberose, vanilla chiffon, Tahitian tiare flower. Both the dark chocolate and pink frosting notes seem a bit much to me, but I can't pick those out when I smell this perfume. If I can find this for a good price and it doesn't end up being a seven year old bottle, it's possible that I will add this to my collection.

Gucci Eau De Parfum II: I just want to get this out of the way. I have not smelled this perfume, yet I'm seriously lusting over it. It's a Gucci perfume, so obviously it is more on the pricey side. I don't want to jump into purchasing this perfume, but the notes sounds like something I would really love. The top notes are orange, black currant, and mandrin. The heart notes are violet, blackberry, and fresh jasmine. The base notes are heliotrope, musk and cedar. Unfortunately, this isn't something I can find a sample of because doesn't carry it. I also don't want to just buy a small bottle in case I love this perfume because then I'm going to need to buy a bigger bottle. I'm not sure what I want to do about it, but I know that I really want this perfume and I think I'm eventually going to end up buying it.

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