Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lips of the Month | January

I have a love/hate relationship with these lipstick posts. I should probably stop waiting until the end of the month to do swatches because then I would remember which ones I liked the most. This time around, I decided to not take pictures of the actual lipstick tubes because I've been using more liquid style lipsticks and those are a pain for photograph.

Monte Carlo: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. This is probably my least favorite of the lip creams because it takes so much application to build up the color. I'm not sure if it's drying out really quickly or what because I don't remember needing to build it up so much when I originally swatched it. The lasting powder was good, but it definitely doesn't build up to as dark as I hoped.

Yield to Love: MAC Cremesheen formula. Limited edition from the Novel Romance Collection. This is one of my favorite more neutral mauve colors. I believe this was an online exclusive color that I managed to snatch up on the MAC site on the day it was released. I was going back and forth on this lipstick and I'm glad I bought it.

Electro: MAC Lustre formula. Limited edition from the Neo Sci-Fi Collection. I don't usually like the lustre formula, but I actually really like this color. I'm a huge fan of orange lipstick. I don't know why I decided I needed orange lipstick in January, but I guess it worked.

Relentlessly Red: MAC Matte formula. This has always been one of my favorite lipsticks by MAC. I've talked about this color before I think I've had this in multiple posts. It's a little dry, but because of that it dries down completely. I like having a lipstick that is transfer proof.

Ibiza: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. This is one of the colors I prefer. I really like the formula on this one and the color lasts for a decent amount of time.

San Paulo: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I originally thought this was going to be a brighter pink, but I like the shade that it ended up being. 

Stockholm: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. This color is generally my go-to for a shade of lipstick or long wear lip color when I need something more neutral. I wore this to a holiday party and I didn't feel like having high maintenance lips, especially when drinking.

Flawless: ColourPop Satin formula. My first foray into ColourPop. I'll definitely do a swatch post at some point, but these are a new to me brand of lipsticks that I heard about on YouTube. They only cost $5, so of course I had to buy a bunch. This is the only Satin formula color that I liked, and I have to say that it's more of a satin-matte, which I like. The color is also pretty awesome.

Ellarie: ColourPop Matte formula. Most of the ColourPop lipsticks that I own are the matte formula, which is nice because those are my favorite lipsticks. This is a really nice berry color and I think it might be one of my favorites of the ten I purchased.

I <3 This: ColourPop Matte Formula. This is a nice bright pink that I'm sure I could find at least five dupes for in my collection. Either way, it wore really nicely and I like the stick packaging it comes in. The matte formulas are really nice.

Lumiere: ColourPop Matte formula. I bought this one because KathleenLights designed the color and it looked nice every time she wore it. I don't know if everyone was using a lip liner underneath, but it looks nothing like on the site. My lips made it appear like I wasn't even wearing anything. Not even like my lips but better, but more my lips but wearing absolutely nothing. This one was just okay because it wasn't what I was expecting.

Merlot: NYX Matte formula. I've talked about this color before. I really like it, although I wish it were just a bit darker. The picture makes it look washed out because it is a little deeper of a wine color in real life.

My favorite arm of lipsticks ahead! I was really feeling purples and I'm probably going to use these ones more often.

Salon Rouge: MAC Matte formula. Limited edition with the Heirloom Mix collection. I actually think this is my favorite MAC lipstick that I've purchased recently. It's definitely in my top 5 MAC lipsticks if I were to think about it off the top of my head. This is just the most perfect berry color and I need to use it more before the warm weather hits.

Russian Red: MAC Matte formula. I love Russian Red. This is my tube from the Wonder Woman collection and I think it was my first red MAC lipstick. The only downside to this color is that it never really dries down to a true matte. It's more of a demi matte that transfers, but at least it's moisturizing.

Spitfire: MAC Satin formula. Limited edition from the Wonder Woman collection. Likewise, I think this was my first purple lipstick. I really love the satin formula and I'm so glad I managed to snatch up this lipstick since it is such a sought after color.

Bauhau5: Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick. This is such an intense pink/purple color. I've been enjoying liquid lipsticks and I'm pretty sure the KVD ones are some of my favorites. I do like the NYX lip creams, but they aren't transfer proof like these ones are. The KVD colors last me an entire 12 hour shift at work and manage to look fresh all day.

Prague: NYX Matte Lip Cream. This is probably another one of my favorite colors from the lip cream line. It is a bit more bold on the lips than on my arm, yet not as deep as the tube would lead you to believe.

LBB: ColourPop Matte Formula. This is another really nice color. It does remind me of Flawless, but with a matte finish. I find that I don't need to touch up the matte colors at all, which is something that I can really get behind.

High Bred Red: MAC Amplified Formula. This is one of those red lipsticks that I use just to make sure I don't forget about it. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. The picture is making the shade pull pink, but it is definitely a true red.

Alabama: NYX Matte formula. When I first got this color, I thought it would be too brown for me to pull off. It is the only brown-red that I own and I really like the way it looks. All the NYX lipsticks go on so effortlessly for me.

Matte 408: Inglot Matte Formula. This color is redder in real life, but the picture makes it seem like it pulls more pink. The lighting started getting bad and these reds all look a bit pink. The Inglot mattes all look like crap when I swatch on my arm, but all I need is a bit of lip balm and they glide on my lips and last all day.

Bichette: ColourPop Matte Formula. This is another one of my favorites from the ten I bought. This reminds me a bit of Salon Rouge, which is why I like the color so much. I've been really into berry colors and this one hit it out of the park.

Damn Glamorous: MAC Matte Formula. This is yet another favorite MAC lipstick of mine. I think I just bought this a few months ago and this is only the second time I've worn it, but I really like the color and the finish.


MAC Lipsticks: 8
Matte: 4
Amplified: 1
Lustre: 1
Cremesheen: 1
Satin: 1

NYX: 7
Matte Lip Cream: 5
Matte Lipstick: 2

ColourPop: 6
Matte: 5
Satin: 1

Kat Von D: 1

Ingot: 1

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