Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jessica's Jams | What's on My Nails Lately?

So, as a new Jamberry consultant (well, I guess two months isn't "new"... but I will say that I did get promoted twice in that time period, so yay me?), I've loved doing my nails again. Honestly, I was never a nail polish girl for myself. I used to get so frustrated and impatient. However, I can't go back to polish right now because I'm obsessed. Here's a few of my manicures lately.

Teal Mini Polka and the February Stylebox Exclusive
My cuticles look horrible on this one, but this one is my current manicure. I took that photo last Sunday, and my nails are still on. I'm itching to change them, but they're still hanging on, so I'm going to keep them for another few days. The multicolored wrap is the February Stylebox Exclusive (Stylebox is a subscription box from Jamberry -- usually you get two wraps), and the other is the Teal Mini Polka. A very spring-y combo in an attempt to will Spring to get here!

Love Spell
This was my Valentine's day Manicure... the wrap is called Love Spell and it is even prettier in person. It's a great seller and it looks awesome on the nails. The finish on it is a sparkle, which is even more eye-catching than my regular Jams. I got a lot of compliments on it, which was so fun. :)

Boysenberry and Boysenberry Chevron
Love me some purple! I wore this with my purple chevron scarf to a birthday party last month and I loved this mani! It lasted me about two weeks, and some of the chevron wraps were literally falling off my nails before I finally removed them. So pretty.

Quilted: Day 1 and Day 8
So, Quilted is without a doubt one of my favorite wraps. It's so pretty and so fun and just funky enough to get away with without them being distracting. Plus, purple. My hands are horribly unmoisturized, but this was another mani that lasted me a good 10-14 days. 

Reminisce Matte
And my mom wanted a Jamicure of her own, so I hooked her up with some Reminisce. They lasted a little over a week and a half for her, and she seemed to really enjoy them! She's been such an awesome supporter of my little mini-business, so it's been cool to have her as a support system.

If you're interested in Jamberry, check out my Facebook page and my website... I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you've got!

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