Monday, November 3, 2014

Lips of the Month - October

Monthly round-up of all the lipsticks I wore this month! I had hauled a bunch of NYX lip products and Kat Von D lipsticks late last month, which is why there's a lack of MAC lipsticks in this post. I've really been feeling red lipstick and darker colors instead of the brights that I had been wearing. I'm pretty sure most of the lipsticks I wore were either matte or satin formulas. I didn't end up wearing all my new lip colors this month, but I'm sure I'll get to them next month.

From left: Spitfire, Zurich, Milan, MAC Red, Sail La Vie, Bloody Mary
From top: Spitfire, Zurich, Milan, MAC Red, Sail La Vie, Bloody Mary.
I wore all satin and matte lip colors in this batch and barely anything bright. It's the beginning of my month of reds.

Spitfire: Satin formula. Limited edition from the Wonder Woman collection. I was never a huge fan of purple lipstick before buying this one. It leans a little more berry on my lips and it definitely can be toned down. This is one of the lipsticks I try not to wear too often because I'm afraid I'll use it up, even though it barely looks like I made a dent.

Zurich: NYX Matte Lip Cream. This was the first matte lip cream that I tried because I wanted to test drive it on my day off. I really do like a nuder color for when I don't wear a full face of makeup. I think my problem was finding the right nude colors. This is more of a pink-beige which looks less like the concealer lips that I think of when I hear "nude."

Milan: NYX Matte Lip Cream. This was a brighter pink than I expected because the color doesn't really match the tube. I probably like the color a lot more knowing that it's a little brighter because that is right up my alley.

MAC Red: Satin formula. I love this red lipstick. For times when I don't want a matte lipstick, satin is the next best thing. I love the color of MAC Red, but I noticed that it doesn't wear as well as many of my other red lipsticks. I can't remember if I was drinking and eating during my shift, but I felt that I reapplied this more than any other lipstick.

Sail La Vie: Satin formula. Limited edition from the Hey, Sailor! collection. This is probably one of my favorite shades of lip color. When I first purchased this, I was hoping it would be similar to Toxic Tale, which is another limited edition lipstick. It is similar, but a slightly different color and I love both of them.

Bloody Mary: NYX Matte. This was the first NYX matte lipstick that I tried. I really love the color. It's only slightly pink to where you can barely notice that it isn't a true red. I was really pleased with how smooth the NYX mattes were and I was so stoked that my lips didn't dry out while wearing this color.

From left: Sexer, Lovecraft, La Vie En Rouge, Indie Flick, Bachelorette, Stockholm.
From top: Sexer, Lovecraft, La Vie En Rouge, Indie Flick, Bachelorette, Stockholm.
It's worth mentioning that every lipstick in this batch had never been worn before. All of these colors are new! Still going with the matte lip for the most part.

Sexer: Kat Von D Iridescent formula. I loved this color! You can actually see the duochrome in my swatch above. It's a great neon pink with a purple shift. It wore really well and it felt nice on my lips. I would consider buying this in a full size if I got a discount.

Lovecraft: Kat Von D Matte formula. This color actually really surprised me. Just like Zurich in the previous batch of colors, it ended up being my perfect nude lip. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this color, but I do! I think part of liking it so much was the great matte formula.

La Vie En Rouge: Matte formula. Limited edition from the Matte Lip 2014 collection. I can't believe this was the only MAC lipstick from this batch! I do have to say that I'm biased because MAC still makes my favorite lipsticks, but this is my absolute top pick for this batch and maybe the month. It may have something to do with the fact that it's new, but I loved this color so much.

Indie Flick: NYX Matte. I had such high hopes for this color because look at the way it swatches. I gave such nice, dense coverage on my arm. This just didn't apply that great on my lips. It was kind of a let down because my lips were flaky pretty much the entire time I wore this lipstick.

Bachelorette: Kat Von D Matte formula. I loved this lipstick too. I don't think I've actually worn a Kat Von D color that has disappointed me so far. I do have similar colors to this and it actually looks a little similar to the La Vie En Rouge swatch, though Bachelorette leans more red/pink and La Vie En Rouge leans more red/coral.

Stockholm: NYX Matte Lip Cream. I wore this color when my dad came over because I definitely didn't need heavy makeup on to see him. I was really impressed that this wore through lunch and an iced tea. Another one of my perfect nude shades. I think I don't need to buy any more, but NYX definitely has my favorite nude shades.

From left: Fanfare, Kelly Yum Yum, Merlot, Motörhead, Mystical, Utterly Frivolous.
From top: Fanfare, Kelly Yum Yum, Merlot, Motörhead, Mystical, Utterly Frivolous.
There's a pretty decent amount of nudes in this batch because I had a job interview and orientation and didn't want to wear a red or pink lipstick. I went back to some MAC favorites as well.

Fanfare: Cremesheen formula. I think I mentioned this lipstick before when I posted my favorite neutral lip post. This is definitely more of a pink lipstick, but I guess it does lean nude when I swatch it on my arm.

Kelly Yum Yum: Satin formula. Limited edition from the Kelly Osbourne collection. This was an honorable mention in my favorite pink lipstick post. The more I wear this lipstick, the more I love it. The finish is perfect and the color is just so bright.

Merlot: NYX Matte. I do love this color, but I did think it was going to be on the darker side. It was darker than my usual red lip, which was what I was going for. This color also wears great, just like the other NYX matte lipsticks that I had tried.

Motörhead: Kat Von D Matte formula. I've read a few reviews on the KVD lipsticks and this color always seems to get a bad rap because it drags. I found that yes, it did drag a bit, but only on my arm. You can see that the color caught my baby hairs on my arm, but that it doesn't look particularly bad. I also didn't find that it applied badly to my lips. I always rub my lips with my washcloth in the morning and apply lip balm before I put on lipstick, so maybe that helps. Anyway, I loved this color and I even took the time to clean up my lip line with a bit of liner.

Mystical: Cremesheen formula. Limited edition from the Alluring Aquatic collection. This is another lipstick I mentioned in my favorite neutral lipsticks post. This is a my lips but better color and it leans a little more mauve nude. As always, I love the packaging of this lipstick and wish the collection came out with bolder colors.

Utterly Frivolous: Lustre formula. Limited edition from the Fafi collection. Yet another favorite color from my neutral lipstick post. The color is a lot more dense on my lips than it is on my arm and covers better than most of my lustre finish lipsticks. The only thing that steers this away from being neutral is that the lipstick is packed with glitter.

From left: Alabama, Feel My Pulse, Antwerp, Hexagram, Countess, Russian Red.
From top: Alabama, Feel My Pulse, Antwerp, Hexagram, Countess, Russian Red.
This is another batch of colors that I really loved. Russian Red is one of my all time favorite red lipsticks. By the end of the month, I tested out most of my Kat Von D lipsticks and a decent chunk of my NYX lipsticks and creams.

Alabama: NYX matte. I refreshed the Ulta site many times before purchasing other colors because this one was unavailable during the sale. As soon as it was available again, I checked my cart out super quick. When the color arrived, I was disappointed because it looked like such a brown red and it swatched really brown on my skin. Well, I finally decided to wear it and it doesn't lean brown on my lips at all. It's just a really great dark red lipstick. Again, I love the formula of these. The lipstick goes on smooth and doesn't dry my lips.

Feel My Pulse: Cremesheen formula. Limited edition from the Temperature Rising collection. I was really feeling purple lips on this particular day. This is a nice buildable color where it can look magenta or bright purple and I love the packaging of the Temperature Rising collection.

Antwerp: NYX Matte Lip Cream. I hadn't worn a lip cream for a while and decided to wear one of them. I really liked this color and it lasted a long time on my lips. I'm glad I branched off to these lip creams because I've been really loving them this month.

Hexagram: Kat Von D matte formula. I really didn't expect to like this color as much as I did for some reason. I wore this to my first day at my new job and I didn't want to rock a red lip, but I accidentally did. I thought this was going to lean more pink, but it definitely didn't. I didn't have to reapply this at all and I even went out for drinks after work with my coworkers from my other job afterwards and it didn't even transfer on my glass.

Countess: Kat Von D matte formula. I love this orange lipstick. This is definitely one of the standouts from the Studded Kiss lipstick set I purchased earlier in the month. This is a full coverage lipstick and is orange, but not too bright.

Russian Red: Matte formula. Permanent color, but the packaging is limited edition from the Wonder Woman collection. This is one of my favorite red lipsticks ever. It's a blue toned red that makes your teeth appear whiter. This is a bit of a darker red compared to some of my brighter red lipsticks like MAC Red. I feel like I don't wear this color enough, but it's definitely one of my favorite colors.


MAC Lipsticks: 10
Satin: 4
Matte: 2
Cremesheen: 3
Lustre: 1

NYX: 8
Matte Lipstick: 4
Matte Lip Cream: 4

Kat Von D: 6
Matte: 5
Iridescent: 1

Total Matte Lipsticks: 15 out of 24! 

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  1. Oh, lots of lipsticks! I should do something like this to avoid the routine of putting on the same lipstick every day. Let's see. Zurich and Sail la Vie are my favorites from the first set. The second one? La Vie en Rouge, Indie Flick, and Bachelorette. Merlot and Mystical from the third. Alabama, Countess, Hexagram, and Russian Red from the next, and probably Antwerp too. Those are SUCH pretty colors, Reggie. I want all of them always.