Monday, November 17, 2014

Subscription Addiction | Birchbox for October is FINALLY Here!

Boys and girls, let me tell you the story of a long Birchbox journey.

My Birchbox was "born" about 130-ish miles from me, in Mount Juliet, TN, on October 3. The box FINALLY arrived on October 17. It went here, there, and everywhere before finally making it to me. Now, I totally and completely understand that shipping is logistically difficult, but why not give TN residents their boxes first? Reggie got hers WAY before I did, and she lives WAY out of the way. Not really a gripe with Birchbox, but their shipping partner/tracking system.


Product #1: Ellovi Vanilla Butter
This smells like a freshly baked cupcake. And I haven't used it yet, because I just haven't gotten around to trying it, but anything that smells like a cupcake is good in my book. It's body butter, too, so it's not just hand lotion I need to use up like the other ones I've tried. I'll start using it. I'll report back.

Product #2: Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude
I haven't used this yet. It's somewhere in my mess of an apartment/cosmetics collection. I've heard good things, but I'm still not jumping out of my skin with excitement to try it? I have my holy grail foundation, and I have a scary story with a distant relative in high school to steer me far away from foundation that isn't an exact match.

Product #3: ModelCo POWERLASH High Impact Black Mascara
I received another ModelCo mascara in my October Ipsy, if I'm not mistaken? I got two ModelCo mascaras. I'm working on my Benefit "They're Real" mascara now, and when that bites the dust, I'll move on to one of these, maybe. Who knows.

Product #4: Ojon Rare Blend Total Hair Therapy
It's in my bathroom. I keep meaning to try it. I haven't. This has been a sentence about it. Honestly, though, I don't do much product when it comes to hair. I'm "low maintenance". Although, that's the point of these boxes, is to try and see if I can break out of that "lazy girl" routine and try something new. So, I shall.

Product #5: Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
This is pretty good! It works well and leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft. I can't remember off the top of my head if it's at my boyfriend's place or at mine (I received two face cleansers this past month, and one is at either dwelling), but I do enjoy using it and it is a win.

So, Birchbox for October was an overall success. Not a "standing ovation, round of applause, curtain call" type of success, but definitely one with products I will use or try. Birchbox has been consistently worth the $10 and it's been consistently packed with products that don't feel cheap or look cheap.

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  1. I feel like ModelCo isn't good enough to be in Birchbox? I thought that was a cheaper brand... Hmm.

    You're so lucky getting fun brands like Jouer that are expensive and nice. :)