Monday, November 17, 2014

Subscription Addiction | My Last Ipsy

I know I'm incredibly behind on blogging. Reggie has made it known! I do have an excuse, with the semester winding down and work being insane, and my boyfriend starting his own business... I've had a lot less "me" time. And I don't like having to explain why I'm taking pictures of my stuff. So, I don't do it. And then it all piles up. And it's disastrous.

Okay! So, thus far, I've been 'meh' about Ipsy. I need to go back and look into what I got for October (although I was fairly certain it was 'meh' too), and post that, but this bag sent me from 'meh' to 'ugh, what a waste'. Here's what I got:

Product #1: J.Cat beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter
I'm not a lip stain gal. I can do glosses, and lipsticks, but lip stains are just way too much for me. Maybe if this were a less intense color, I'd give it a shot. But I'm not a fan. Reggie, it goes without saying that if you want any of this stuff, you let me know. It seemed like a "you" color, but I know you prefer lipstick as well. I've seen YouTube videos where people aren't able to wipe this off after swatching. I get that it's a "stain" concept, and that makes SENSE, but I'd rather it come off when I want it to.

Product #2: Starlooks Ultra Olive Eyeliner Pencil
First and foremost, I received this in my October Boxycharm, if I'm not mistaken, so this is kind of a dud. Plus, it's ultra OLIVE. Which means, green. I learned in middle school that green doesn't always look good on a redhead. Green in moderation, gingers. This was just disappointing. I'll be giving it away for sure.

Product #3: Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray
I... don't wear hairspray that often. The last time I wore hairspray was when I dressed up like Rosie the Riveter for #TBT. And even then I hadn't worn it since... ugh, probably the US Marine Corps Birthday ball with my ex boyfriend in 2012. That was awhile ago. I just don't wear hairspray!

Product #4: it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer
This I will definitely try. I don't normally do concealer, but I'll give it a fair and honest try. It looks to me like it could actually be in my skin tone so we will give it a fair shake before tearing it apart like the rest of the products I won't use here.

Product #5: SeaRx Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion
This is THE TINIEST sample of my existence in the universe. It will last me maybe 2-3 uses? I'll try it, though, because I don't have a moisturizer in my bag at the moment and it does deserve a shot. I don't know what it smells like, because I haven't smelled it... excuse me, allow me to do that right now. Okay, it does have a scent, but I can't identify what that scent actually is.

So, I canceled Ipsy. The products in it made it feel kind of cheap. I'm not always amazed by every subscription box, but Ipsy has been consistently frustratingly missing the mark. They're never full sized, they never seem to be things I want (minus the one Briogeo hair mask which I live by), or need. I also didn't love the bags, for the most part. Three months of 'meh' isn't worth the $10. I gave BB5 that amount of time, too, so I think it's a fair shot. That's a quarter of a year, so if it's consistently that underwhelming, I can't justify spending that $10 for crap.

Should I spend that $10 elsewhere? Another subscription? Or should I save it and stop with the addiction and move on?

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  1. it Cosmetics is supposed to be a really good brand. I'm kind of jealous you got that concealer. ;) Try it out because I feel like I hear Youtubers rave about that concealer a lot.

    I'm so bummed about getting that hairspray. I guess when my hair grows out a bit so that I can wear it down that I'll give it a try, but I'm not jazzed. I have hairspray that I like already. And MARC ANTHONY? Like...J Lo's exhusband the singer?

    I'd give the lipstain a shot. I ended up REALLY liking the NYX Lip Creams, so I'd be open to anything as long as it eventually dries down.