Saturday, December 20, 2014

Inglot Matte Lipstick Swatches

Inglot was having a 20% off sale during Thanksgiving weekend, so I picked up some matte lipsticks. I've been eyeing Inglot's mattes for quite some time, but unlike MAC, they actually have I waited. 

You'll notice in the swatches that these lipsticks look really dry. They are. They're super dry and similar to MAC's retro matte formula. I use a light lip balm under these before wearing any of the colors. They have a tendency to drag without a little added moisture. All in all, I'm glad I snagged these at 20% off and I've already worn half of the colors. 

Matte 408, Matte 409, Matte 421

Matte 408, Matte 409, Matte 421
You can definitely see how jacked up these swatches look. I love these colors though, so I'm fine with working with a dry formula. Like I said, as long as I have a bit of lip balm on, these apply smoothly.

Because the formula is  so dry and matte, they're really long lasting. That's the big selling point for me with matte lipsticks.

Matte 423, Matte 424, Matte 426

My favorite color is 426. It's such a great reddish purple color and the staying powder on this lipstick is no joke. I also like 423 and 424, but those are more my summer colors.

This batch applied nicer than the other three colors, but I can't think of why. I promise that all six lipsticks are really pigmented, it's just that they don't apply well on the skin. I'll see if I can put a little balm on my arm when doing my monthly lip swatches and see if that makes a difference.

Like I said before, I don't mind the stiffer, drier mattes because they hang around on my lips a lot longer than the creamy mattes.

These lipsticks for me are a win and I might pick up other colors in the future, but I will wait for another Inglot sale.

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