Thursday, June 4, 2015

Subscription Addiction | May 2015 Boxycharm

I assure you, I wasn't being lazy on this one. My Boxycharm ended up in my city, then was mis-delivered to another city entirely, then finally re-routed to the city I live in. I didn't get it until way late in May. ANYWAY. Here's what was inside:

Product #1: Bodyography Brow Trio
I don't usually use brow powder, but I like this. I'll be able to mix colors to get what I want, and as a redhead, it will be nice to get the correct mix. It's something that's cool to have, I guess? I wasn't blown away by it when I opened it up, but I think the idea of it has grown on me.

Product #2: Bodyography Brow Brush
I like the occasional beauty tool in a box, so this was pretty nice to have. I will definitely use this in combination with the trio. It's also going to be nice to tame brows, and the brush itself is a great value. So. Good to have.

Product #3: ModelCo Bronzer
This is a really really nice bronzer, but it looks a little dark for my light skin tone. I haven't swatched it or anything, for fear of it being too dark and then I went and swatched it... but it does look a little dark. I'm curious how it will look. Everyone seems to really enjoy it as a product, but I'm not sure about it.

Product #4: Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish
The color of this nail polish is one I would quite literally never ever wear. It's like a sea foam lime greenish color. It seems like it could be fun for summer or as an accent nail or something, perhaps layered with a clear Jamberry wrap, but honestly? It isn't a color I would ever ever wear. Ever. The red one I saw in videos is much more wearable and it would be something I would most definitely try. But this one? Nope. Nah.

Product #5: The Lip Bar Lipstick
I saw all the YouTube videos of this and I anticipated getting the bright purple shade so many youtubers ended up with, but I actually ended up with a pretty coral color. It's still not for me, but it's much more wearable than a bright-ass purple.

One complaint I have about this box is the wearability/universality of the products. The brow trio is PERFECT in terms of universality. Anyone can use it, for the most part. But, bright green nail polish and bright purple lipstick (even though I got the coral shade) aren't generally wearable. I know they like a little excitement and come creativity other than a pink-nude-red nail polish type color scheme, but that's my main frustration with these things. I can't wear bright purple lipstick to work. Someone can, but I can't. So.

All in all, this box was "meh". Wasn't horrible and wasn't great. But I am grateful to have a couple of the products I got.

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  1. I saw an unboxing on Youtube and I'm super jealous of that brush. I use a separate spoolie and angled brush, but the combination is kind of expensive usually. I got a Pixi bronzer in my last Ipsy that you might like. I may have to make you another box!!